Monday, 16 July 2012

A cheesy affair

So here is another compilation of the weekend! To be honest I didn't do too much which is also nice. Let's go and start with Friday.

On Friday evening my boyfriend and I had a Burgundy evening. In short this basically means we eat and drink all the good stuff such as; French bread with French cheese and some nice salads. It also includes beer (wine is also possible of course)! I love Rose beer, which is pink... and it is sweet and fruity!
I also have to share with you guys (I actually should say ladies because I don't think I have a lot of male readers.... well to be honest it is more a girly blog) these beautiful flowers my boyfriend gave me! This reminds me... isn't the saying: flowers says I am sorry and chocolate says I love you... or is the other way around... I sure hope it is the other way around!!!
So back to the weekend, on Saturday it was time to put my baking skills to the test! I saw this amazing Cheese cake recipe on Kitchen Boss which I wanted to make. But.... I ended up the wrong ingredients... I bought this complete cheese case base which has almost everything in it what I needed, but I didn't want to make that! I wanted to make a cheese cake from scratch... But since I had this cheese cake base I decided to just make this and try the real one an other time. Maybe it is also better to start easy :) And of course you have to taste all the ingredients you use ;)
So we begin with butter, the crust, the cheesecake base, and some canned strawberries (fresh strawberries if probably much better, but before I started I decided I wanted to make a Strawberry swirl cheese cake and so I didn't have fresh strawberries). So you have to melt the butter and mix the with the crushed cookies, and put this at the bottom of the cake form. Then chop the strawberries and gently mix them with the cheese cake base, then fill you cake form and put it in a preheated oven (160 Celsius / 55 minutes). 

Below the result! Now I hear you thinking "did she eat the whole thing?!", the answer is: no I didn't! I had 1 tiny little piece yesterday (I mean I had to taste it) and brought the rest to work where I shared it with my colleagues! But in total I did have 3 pieces (small pieces to be exact).
 On Sunday I didn't do too much, I went for a run (14 KM) in the morning and afterwards make a very tasty sandwich with Mayonnaise /Old Amsterdam Cheese/Avocado/boiled egg and some spicy saus.

I also coloured my nails this time in a new colour: Champagne nude. Really love the colour!!!
In the afternoon we went to the fair in Oisterwijk. Which is nice small fair and very cosy so to say. In Tilburg each year we have the biggest fair of the Benelux with 4.5KM of stands and attractions!!! It is big but not my favourite.... 
 This is what I took home :)
So I also decided that my next blog will be about Brammie!!!

Can you guess what kind if animal this furry little friend is?! If not stay tuned for my next post this week.

So I wish you all a very nice week!!! Yes I mean that! Even though the week might seem long and tedious it will go by before you know it!




  1. The flowers are gorgeous and that cheesecake looks AMAZING!!!!

  2. Cheescake was perfect !!
    My wife loved it !!
    Thanks !!

    And for the question, is it a guinea-pig ;-)

  3. hahahah you crack me up!
    Maar burgundy? dat is toch bordaux rood?Of betekent dat bourgondisch?
    Anyhow: heel leuk weer!
    En wij moeten snel die bier date plannen met de mannen! x

  4. rose beer sounds so chic!

    come say hi at

    have a lovely day!

  5. The bunny made my day ;)

    Following from GFC hop. Love for you to stop over to Naptime Review and return the follow when you can ;) Have a great week!