Monday, 2 July 2012

It's not always Black & White

So here is a little recap of the weekend, which for this post started Friday afternoon at work:

Saturday my colleague had his birthday so on Friday afternoon just before I left work I decorated his desk for Monday. I won´t reveal his age but has something to do with a 5 and a 1..... and no it is not 6 or 15.

On Friday Evening me and my boyfriend went out for dinner for our 4 year anniversary. We went to the Flinstering in Breda. Since we went by train we both could drink vino!!! 

The blue suede shoes I am wearing I bought Friday evening after work at Zara (on sale). I just could not go for black shoes with this black dress that I bought at Maas-Mechelen Village (super cool and affordable outlet jet across the Belgium border).

We had a 4 course dinner with matching wines, which was amazing. I don't drink too often so when I drink there is no way back! I start to talk and talk.... I think I might even got tipsy after just 1 glass.... but in my defense it was already 8 o'clock and I hadn't eaten yet.... Or maybe I drank the wine too fast... which is more likely. In the above picture the second dish, it might look kinda weird to say the least.... But it really was good!!! But not if your a vegetarian..

After the most amazing dessert we had some coffee and tea and they brought out this amazing serving - ... uhmmm guess I can call it a tray... it sure isn't a plate.... but it is amazing! It was made of all these bent spoons! With homemade Whities (white brownies) and homemade coconut-macaroons.

Saturday wasn't all Back and White.... it was all about pink!!!!

I love this outfit, it is comfy, it is cute and it is pink!!!! Which to be honest happened per accident because I left the house and I was like ´hey everything is pink!´ Pink nails (hands and feet), pink watch which is from Breil and the shirt and sandals I bought at Primark. The jeans and blazer are from H&M so it kinda is a low budget outfit....

I also made a wrap for lunch with fresh OJ!!! Which I love because it gives such a boost of energy!

So Sunday was all about chilling and Swirling!!! In the morning I ran 12,5KM with this new running group I joined in preparation of the half marathon. And in the afternoon I started a new DIY project and watched Breaking Bad.

Me chilling away.

Every time I start a DIY project I forget to make before pictures and pictures on how to make it.... So forgive me, the next time I will not forget... hopefully.... What I made was this picture frame. I bought a simple wooden frame and covered it with this pink piece of fabrik. And added all the details, everything hand made.

Alrighty this was my weekend, so no exciting music festivals or uncontrolled shopping sprees... even if I did have an uncontrolled shopping spree don´t think I would post this.... A true shopaholic does not reveal their true identity.

Next weekend I will re-start the work on the dress I am making, I so need to finish it!!!! When I have finished it I will make sure to post the details.

Have fun this week and until the next post

XoXo Lieke


  1. Just stumbled across your blog... I love your pop of blue (shoes) with your black dress!! I also love your DIY picture frame! Hope you don't mind if I follow you :)

  2. super vette diary!! En: dit is echt wel een hip weekend (van festivals wordt je alleen maar ziek hahah) en ik zag die outfit end acht: eujz dat shirt heb ik ook!! Heb ik nog niet aan gehad, moet ik echt snel eens doen!
    En wat ben je lekker bezig met DIY, rennen en wraps maken! .... Ik doe echt niets anders dan boodschappen en shoppen... en films kijken hahaha..., ik ga mijn leven beteren! :)

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  4. Hey lady! Thanks so much for linking up for Find + Follow Friday! So nice to meet you! I'm your newest follower via GFC + Bloglovin :)

    -Nicole @ Me + the Moon

  5. What a GREAT post!! It sounds like you had a wonderful week and I love that you shared with us :) I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

    Twirling Clare

  6. love those sandals!!

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    have a wonderful day!