Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Blog Angel update uno!

Hi there it's me Lieke from Swirling Away Everyday! Today I want to tell a little something about a special undercover project I am working on this month. It is called Blog Angels! Which is totally awesome! In short it means I am to help and guide a certain blogger with growing her blog, reaching more people and getting more attention from other bloggers. I cannot get into any specifics, but my blog Angel is such a darling! Her blog is awesome, very positive, her blog is as bright as sunshine!Having a blog Angel is so much fun! But in the beginning it was a bit difficult, because you have to get to know the blog and the blogger behind the blog. This wasn't as easy  as I had hoped but the past few weeks I am having more interaction with my Angel which is awesome! This really gives me the feeling that I can help her and make a difference!

The main thing I have learned from these past weeks is that you have to be pro-active and consistent. If you do not get the feedback from your Angel you had hoped for, don't give up and just keep on swirling and trying to help your Angel! We all want people to like what we write so just keep on being positive and leave nice comments, or ask a question in your comment so you get some more personal interaction. 

My goals for my blog angel is to help her grow her blog and getting more followers. I started with just leaving nice comments on her blog and trying to grow her confidence in her blogging skills. Even though you write you blog for you it can be quite difficult when you don't get any feedback from other blggers. So by just leaving nice honest comments I hope her confidence and her blog will grow.

SabraKahn -
So there you have it, an idea of what it means to have a Blog Angel. In case you are interested and also want to help bloggers just contact Rosie at CraftBotic!

XoXo Lieke


  1. wow.... ik heb echt gene verstand van bloggen als ik die allemaal lees; blog angel? hahah ik snap het niet eens... is het een soort van secret society?

  2. Cute blog! This is my first visit here, I'm a fellow angel, too. It really is a fun experience isn't it? :) Happy Wednesday!

  3. Thanks for taking part, it sounds like you have finally had a break through. It's lovely when blog connections are made.


  4. I'm a fellow blog angel stopping by from the link up. You sound like you could be my blog angel, ha ha. It's great to know that at least someone out there is reading what I write and commenting on my posts. I'm enjoying getting to know a new blogger and support her.

  5. That's awesome. I love your goal for your blogger.