Friday, 2 November 2012

Colours of Autumn!

Okay so I kinda like Autumn.... I love the trees changing their colours and the smells in the air! I don't like the rain and stormy weather but I do like it when the wind blows and lifts up all the leaves that are on the ground. And especially when the leaves swirl around! So it is a love and hate relationship.....

Inspired by this season I made my first Polyvore collage. Don't mind the prices, these items are just a few things that I loved and that caught my eye.

Colours of Autumn

And do you like it? What is your favourite item? And what do you love about Autumn?

Enjoy the weekend and see you next week!


  1. Oh yeah, these shoes are cool! I'm not going to mind the prices (oh yes, I totally am...) =)

  2. Have fun with Polyvore! It's totally addicting!

  3. Lieke, cingrats with your 30th birthday. Note that your Autumn has NOT started, still Spring in the air!!!