Friday, 2 November 2012

Last days in my Twenties

So these are my last few days in my twenties..... after this week I am officially old(er). To be honest I am kinda excited for my birthday party! I am celebrating my birthday on Saturday with some friends. I have planned a wine tasting at home. So a wine specialist is coming to my home and then we can taste and drink vinos! Sounds cool right? And I made little goodie bags with some things I am loving at the moment and that I wanted to share with them! And I did manage to give everybody the same but keep it personal.

On Sunday it is my actual birthday, and I will be celebrating this with my family. Hopefully I will get loads of presents :) I found someone who will make a high tea for me and my guests, so lots of nice little snacks and sweets like muffins, sandwiches, brownies etc! And no I will not only be serving tea! Of course will also be wine and beer :) 

That way I can drown my sorrow.... Am I sad or depressed that I am turning 30....? Not really. But I am kinda curious to see what will happen will me the coming 10 years. For example, will I get married.... do I all of a sudden want to have kids? At the moment absolutely not... but who knows what will happen. What will happen to my career and when will get a proper house with a garden, preferably with a vegetable plot and dog?! I am not yet sure what kind of dog I would like.... maybe one of the following:

Labradoodle, they come in black, brown and this golden white! Aren't they the cutest dogs ever?!

Bernese Mountain dog, also a very cute dog! But they are very large and need lots of space.... But a very nice dog to cuddle all day!
Golden Retriever, we had a Golden Retriever when I was young. His name was Bobby and he was our best friend! He lived to be 13 years old, which is pretty old for a dog! I still believe he got that old because he liked to live with us and because all the attention he got from the familiy! I loved this dog!

I love this picture! He looks so handsome!!!

In this phote he was pretty old! I actually believe it was taken a few day before we had to  bring him to the vet to give him his final sleeping injection.... That is probably why he looks so sad :(

Lagotto, I really like these dogs! They are somewhat smaller than a Golden Retriever and they are an Italian breed! They are trained in Italy to find the valuable Truffles.
Which dog do you like best?

Well those are all things I think should happen the coming years... but when and how...?

A while ago I made this list. An overview of things I want to do when I am 30, a.k.a. Swirling 30-in-30 list..... Somethings I am sure I will be doing like: Run the half Marathon , it is scheduled for November 11th! And like take my little cute niece to the petting zoo! Other things are a bit more challenging like eat less candy... and save extra money for my wedding and not buy clothes for 1 whole month! But then again it needs to be challenging! Otherwise what's the fun of it all?!

Do you have a similar list? And what is your most challenging goal on the list?

Hope to see you back when I am actually 30!


  1. That sounds like a really fun weekend you have planned out! You have to show us all of the things you wrote about, you know that, right? And as for the dogs: Yes, 30 is absolutely the right age for a dog. When parents start talking about when you will have kids, and that a dog is dirty, and cannot be left alone when you go away for the weekend, and needs to be considered in your life decisions, then you can say: And kids? They are dirty, and cannot be left alone when you go away for the weekend, and need to be considered in your life decisions ;-) Ha ha, just joking, but we totally teased our parents like that!

  2. wiehoooeeeeee!!! super vet b-day weekend voor de deur!

  3. I love Labradoodles! Have you heard of Goldendoodles?! I think I am going to get one of those one day!!

    Happy early Birthday! Sounds like you have some fun plans!!